Natural Ingredients: All About Their Beauty Secrets

Johanna Monange, founder at Maison21g, writes about the top 3 natural ingredients in the beauty industry.

With the emergence of Gen Z and millennials, society has taken a turn on how we interpret different problems, different opinions, as more attention is being focused on the environment and sustainability. With the beauty, and more specifically fragrance industry mirroring global trends, we see that the naturals, or as they’re otherwise known, the eco-friendly, and the eco-chic fragrances, are vastly influential and have been expanding over the last years.

The voice of our current society is without doubt shaped by Gen Z and Millennials, who represent 64% of the total population. It is in fact more than 50% of these two groups collectively, who think that a product composed of Natural Raw ingredients justify a higher price. Therefore, the estimated growth of more than $25 billion by 2025 for the organic and natural personal care market (Grand View Research) is truly no surprise!


Following the naturals trend, there are 5 most evident worldwide global candidates for the top natural ingredients in beauty; Honey, Rose, and  Lavender. At Maison 21G, we have focused our attention on three ingredients that we believe truly classify and justify as an iconic natural ingredient, by not only beguiling our noses, yet also possessing many benefits to ones well-being.


1. Honey


Honey truly is the queen-bee for the naturals in the beauty world, simply due to its countless health and body benefits! Starting from its natural healing properties, it is known to promote collagen building, thus making it a key anti-ager. Ladies, before you reach into your cupboard for the jar, here are a few more wonders of this golden delight. Honey is a natural antiseptic, antibacterial, as well as also having anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Moreover, it has endless hydrating benefits, commonly being used in lip balms, hair treatments, and even moisturisers!

An indulgent comforting scent; creamy, yet not heavy, well-rounded, with floral powdery notes, and touches of ambery facets, the scent of pure honey is warm and luxurious. Often used in beauty products as a soothing and moisturise-restoring ingredient, it is timeless, with its scent being equally translated into fragrances!

Our suggestions to guide your mix of HONEY HAVEN at Maison 21G, not only will ensure a beautiful fragrance, yet will also extract all the natural profits of the ingredients.

For a scent that will reinforce “self-care” benefits, we suggest HONEY HAVEN with ALMOND ABSOLUTE. This fusion of ingredients, will create a silk-like nourishing and soothing perfume. Sweet, nutty, and powdery, with floral facets, it is definitely one for the sweet-tooth’s!

If instead, you prefer a scent to deliver “clean” benefits, then HONEY HAVEN with BERGAMOT BLAST, is the invigorating, and refreshing perfume for you. Elegant, and boosting even upon one spray, the juicy citrus, with the fresh-cut natural bergamot, will leave you with a trail of timeless freshness.

2. Rose

As the Queen of the Flowers, and featuring in at least 75% of female fragrances, and 15% of male, it is almost inconceivable in creating a scent without this materials. The rose is undeniably a pillar ingredient in the beauty industry, and we simply don't have enough fingers to count down all of its benefits. Used in aromatherapy, as an aphrodisiac, as well as a calming, balancing and harmonising agent, it similarly has anti-aging and anti-stress aids. Moreover, it even falls under the umbrella of ayurvedic remedies, as its alleviates inflammation, is key in skin healing, whilst also providing confidence boosting enhancements. Moreover, it doesn't just stop there. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) fondly use Rose, as they believe that it improves blood circulation, relieves pain, and is nourishing for the skin and hair.

A scent of sophisticated cool florals, with powdery, fruity sweetness, and tea-like facets; with one smell of the natural rose oil, you will dive into the memory of indulging in the scent phenomenon of a bouquet of roses.

Once again, Maison 21G’s ingredient pairings will only ensure you fully benefit with all ROSE RITUAL can offer, beyond just the scent.

For a fragrance that reinforces the “beauty” aspects of a perfume, ROSE RITUAL with HONEY HAVEN, is for you. Elegant, romantic, fresh, whilst simultaneously rich, creamy and lavish, it appeals to users for its scent, and for the wonders it does to your skin!

If you seek a perfume that will deliver “freshness”, then ROSE RITUAL and RASPBERRY REDEMPTION are the revitalising duo you need. The irresistible, tantalising nectar of this red berry, provides a juicy burst of freshness, which compliments well with the charming floral twist of the Rose.

3. Lavender

Following the footsteps of the queen, comes the King of essential oils, Lavender. An ingredient recognised as an ancient remedy, it is no wonder why it still remains a favourite within the beauty industry. Its aromatherapy benefits include an anti-stress and antiseptic component, as well as being an sleep-improving agent. This ingredient is prominently known for balancing the harmony of the mind and body, healing skin, reducing blood pressures, and even relieving asthmatic symptoms; the list for its health benefits are truly endlessf!

A natural revitaliser, and a sensual floral, its composition collects an array of notes, including aromatic greenness, fresh herb-like spiciness, with watery florals. With a cooling facet, your nose will recognise an evening of a hot summers night.

Maison 21G, can’t resist the natural virtue of LAVENDER LEGEND, and therefore wouldn't want to withhold on how to exploit the well-being benefits, as well as the secrets on how to wear this ingredient like a pro!

For a perfume that will reinforce the benefits of “freshness”, LAVENDER LEGEND along with VETIVER VIRTUOSO are the partners in crime. Elegant, with a base of smoky wood; the distinct aromatic and fresh accords of the lavender, are key in constructing the boosting charisma of this perfume. Bold, addictive and indulgent, a 3 in 1.

If, however, you prefer a fragrance that will deliver “beautifying” elements, then LAVENDER LEGEND and VANILLA VENUS are the elixir to get your hands on. Naturally sweet, even gourmand, with sensual, fresh florals. Even upon one spray, as the perfume diffuses onto the surface of your skin, you will feel the tantalising and beauty embellishing properties it has to offer.

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