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New Clarins virtual boutique

Clarins, the expert in plant science and skincare, has revamped their website to offer an extensiveVirtual Boutique section. Hosting a suite of online offerings, including the existing virtual consultation, Clarins Virtual Boutique now housesservices such as live shows, masterclasses and tutorials that run throughout the year.

Clarins Virtual Boutique aims to create memorable proximity moments online with their 1-to-1 personalized consultations and Beauty Coaches, as well as digitize and reinvent the Clarins service excellence provided in-store for an elevated online brand experience.



Clarins friendly Beauty Coaches are available to listen and give personalized complimentary 1-to-1 consultations to guests from the comfort of their own homes. Catered towards individuals of all lifestyles, Clarins 1-to-1 virtual consultations are split into 2 types – a 10minute and a 20 minute consultation.

Each consultation type has its own set of themes and topics to choose from, and these consultations provide tips and tricks for any beauty and skincare concerns one might have.

10Minute Consultation Topics:

  • Perfect Your Brow (Eyebrow Concerns)
  • French Kiss (Lip Oil Queries)
  • Two is Better Than One (Clarins Mixologie)

20 Minute Consultation Topics:

  • Personalized Unique Consultation
  • Turn Back the Hands of the Clock (Anti-aging Concerns)
  • My Body, My Hero (Body Concerns)



Watch Clarins Beauty Coaches share extensively on beauty and wellness know-hows and best kept secrets! Featuring different themes each time, Clarins Live Shows tackles a wide variety of topics, allowing viewers to learn more about Clarins product offerings and how to get the best out of each product. The live shows also feature exclusive live show promotions and discounts. Additionally, Clarins Live Shows may be watched on-demand.



A recent addition to the Clarins online website, Clarins Online Tutorials create an inclusive place for all to find support for all things skincare and beauty. Glean insights from the knowledgeable and friendly Beauty Coaches, as well as learn about Clarins best kept secrets from mixologie that takes care of your skin from morning to night, to expert application techniques.



In addition to all the other services, Clarins offers live masterclasses, where expert Beauty Coaches will deep dive into specific concerns to educate about the Clarins unique approach and method to beauty and skincare. Each masterclass lasts for 30 minutes which allows for extensive understanding for each topic covered. The masterclasses are priced at $50, and includes a welcome gift together with a $50 e-voucher.


SOURCE : Clarins


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