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Parrot launches its Bug Bounty in partnership with YesWeHack

Parrot, the leading European drone group, is launching its Bug Bounty program with YesWeHack, the first European crowdsourced security platform.


Through this partnership, Parrot benefits from YesWeHack's vast community of cybersecurity researchers to identify potential vulnerabilities in its drones, mobile applications and WebServices.


The Bug Bounty program will take place in two phases:


  • The private programs will initially give exclusive access to selected security researchers and will include future Parrot drone models. The expertise and diverse skills of the researchers will confirm the high level of security of the products before they are marketed, for the greater benefit of Parrot users' security and the protection of their data.
  • After a first phase in a private Bug Bounty program, and after being commercialized, the products will enter a public program. Their security will then be scrutinized by the entire YesWeHack community, representing more than 22,000 cybersecurity researchers.


Cybersecurity is a priority for Parrot. Parrot provides its users with full transparency on the security of their data and has conducted numerous security audits on its products, both internally and by its customers. The complete assessment conducted by Bishop Fox, one of the most recognized private companies for professional offensive security services, is published on its website.


After the integration of cybersecurity from the initial design phase of Parrot drones, the Bug Bounty launched with YesWeHack completes the audits and brings an additional step of control. In the event of a flaw, YesWeHack's community of cybersecurity researchers will detect it and allow Parrot to correct it, before real attackers can misuse it.  - Victor Vuillard, Chief Security Officer and CTO Cybersecurity of the Parrot Group.


We are delighted to support Parrot in its commitment to the drone and user's data security. The richness and diversity of the YesWeHack community offers the spectrum of skills required to cover the full range of perimeters, whether hardware or applications. The public Bug Bounty phase, which will take place in a second phase, will allow Parrot's products to be confronted with the expertise of several thousand researchers, thus reinforcing its transparency in cybersecurity. - Guillaume Vassault-Houlière, CEO of YesWeHack.


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