Event report

Past Event | 2 Tonnes Workshop: Reduce your carbon footprint

The French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore recently hosted an immersive workshop, delving into pathways towards a low-carbon future by 2050. 

Many thanks to Rajul Priyadarshini, Sustainability Consultant, for leading this engaging session. The workshop successfully brought together participants to collaboratively craft a realistic scenario for achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, in line with the Paris Agreement's goals. 

The session began by delving into the causes and consequences of climate change, providing a solid foundation for understanding the urgency of collective action.  

Participants then embarked on an interactive simulation, exploring the power of individual and collective efforts in reducing carbon emissions by 2050. This dynamic experience fostered collaboration and ignited creative brainstorming sessions, where participants envisioned new actions and inspiring strategies to tackle the climate challenge. 

The workshop concluded with a debriefing session, where key takeaways and learnings were shared, empowering participants to translate their newfound knowledge into tangible commitments towards lowering their carbon footprint. This engaging and informative event left everyone feeling inspired and equipped to become active agents of the climate transition. 

For more information about the Sustainable Business Committee, please kindly contact Alexia Duvernoy aduvernoy(@)fccsingapore.com


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