Event report

Past Event| Choosing the right cloud provider to expand your business

Thank you very much to our speakers Satyam Santosh, Startup Program Manager at OVHcloud and Trevor Atkinson, Global Head of Architecture and Innovation, Capital Markets IT at Crédit Agricole CIB for facilitating this discussion about how to choose the right cloud provider to extend business.

Highlights and Key Learnings:

  • Choosing a cloud provider is a long-term decision so many aspects need to be evaluated: accompaniment, training, governance assistance, etc.
  • The cloud provider needs to provide multiple paths to implement a solution with differences in cost, availability, and performance according to the principles of FinOps and SRE.
  • A landing zone takes significant resources to set up – it is expensive to do multiple times so important to choose the right one.
  • Cloud skills are scarce, and training takes time so switching cloud providers may be disruptive.
  • For Start-ups : a Cloud Provider is essential as running one’s own infrastructure is costly and risky; it is necessary to select a cloud provider with good security tooling and monitoring and an easy-to-use security mode.

This event was kindly supported by our Committee Partner Dassault Systèmes.

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