Event report

Past Event| Digitalisation of Legal Services

We've all heard of Digitalisation of Legal Services, and this session was an excellent opportunity to learn more about the pros and cons around the new technologies that promise to simplify the “legal tasks” for both legal firms and in-house counsels and the necessity to embrace these technology changes for improved efficiency.

Special thanks to our esteemed speakers Rajesh Sreenivasan, Head, Technology, Media and Telecoms Law Practice at Rajah & Tann Singapore and Director, Rajah & Tann Technologies, and Noemie Alintissar-Mooney, Senior Consultant at NCS Group for a great session.

Key takeaways:

  • Effective digitalisation has little to do with technology. Focus on deep understanding of your business users and their needs before diving into which technology to adopt.
  • Redesign your business processes and rethink how you’re delivering business value before adopting technology or you’ll end up digitising poor workflows.
  • Start on low-hanging fruits: small wins with bug impact and build on that to get credibility and buy-in from the business.
  • Remember: “A culture of change embraces ambiguity, experimentation, and has some tolerance for failure.”

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