Event report

Past Event | HR CLUB Breakfast Meeting

Our recent HR Club Breakfast meeting focused on an important topic for today's changing workplace: "Recruitment Best Practices for Automation."

A big thank you to Arjun Mutreja, Chief People Officer at Decathlon Singapore and Miléna Osika, Talent Acquisition Leader for hosting us at Decathlon Data Lab and shedding light on the rationale behind adopting automation for certain recruitment needs. He shared about the great results it's brought in terms of efficiency and reflecting company values. We also heard from Elliott Gibb, Co-founder of MERCU and Decathlon's automation partner, who explained how their tool works and the quick improvements it's made in recruiting.

The discussion also provided an opportunity to explore the potential challenges and constraints associated with such an approach, fostering an engaging exchange among our HR Club Members.

The FCCS HR Club is a “by invitation only“ Club and represents a community of regional senior HR directors of large corporations committed to sharing best practices and challenges as well as generating new ideas and advocacy.

For more information about the HR Club, please contact Caroline Steger csteger(@)fccsingapore.com


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