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Past Event : Impact of Carbon Tax and Opportunities in Carbon Markets

Our sincere thank you to Mr. Weijie Zhang, Divisional Director Energy & Climate Policy at Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment; Mr. Cedric Joutet, Co-founder and CEO at Infrablocks, and moderator Mr. Pierre-Alexandre Deplaix, Carbon Trader, Global Energy Management & Sales Asia Pacific & Middle East at ENGIE for a great session.

They shared about the impact of carbon pricing in Singapore to the businesses, key features of the revised carbon tax framework, highlights from COP 27 in Egypt, and opportunities in compliance and voluntary carbon markets.

Key takeaways from this session:    

  • Singapore is making a decisive shift towards net zero and carbon tax is key to Singapore’s net zero transition.
  • One key feature of the revised carbon tax framework is that allowances will be provided for companies in the Emissions-Intensive Trade Exposed (EITE) sectors
  • Carbon credits serve as a complementary pathway for companies to decarbonise and Singapore is supporting the growth of the voluntary carbon market
  • Carbon offset projects fall within one of two main categories: Avoidance/Reduction and Removal/Sequestration.
  • Voluntary markets are expected to grow by 10 times by 2030.


This event is kindly supported by our committee sponsor ENGIE.

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