Event report

Past Event| Manufacturing: Navigating 2023 Disruptors

Our latest Committee meeting brought together industry experts and professionals to explore macroeconomic factors that could disrupt manufacturing operations in the upcoming year.

Thank you to our esteemed speakers Joan Lim-Casanova, Partner (Dispute Resolution) at K&L Gates Straits Law and Vincent Amiot, Head of the Asia-Pacific South Legal & Compliance department at SIG Combibloc for leading engaging discussions with our members.

Their insights shed light on various aspects of managing counterparty risks, dealing with labour disruptions, and addressing supply chain issues.

Here are the key points of the discussion:

Managing Counterparty Risks

  • Effective counterparty risk management through contract preparation and due diligence.
  • Real-life breach examples providing insights into unexpected challenges.

Dealing with Labour Disruptions

  • Understanding common labor disruptions and associated challenges.
  • Strategies for addressing worker shortages and alternative work schedules.

Supply Chain Issues

  • Lessons from COVID-19 disruptions highlight supply chain resilience.
  • Strategies for managing increased costs, extended production timelines, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

A special thanks to K&L Gates Straits Law for hosting us.

For more information, please contact Vanessa Hobbs vhobbs(@)fccsingapore.com


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