Event report

Past Event | Workshop on "Decoding Social Impact and Scalability”

Throwback on an inspirational workshop organized by the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore exploring how to make a positive impact on society as part of companies’ CSR initiatives.

Many thanks to our speaker Michelle LIM, CEO and Co-Founder of Make the Change, for facilitating this stimulating session.

Central to the discussion were the pivotal roles of empathy, collaboration, and measurement in driving meaningful impact.

  • A recurrent theme throughout the session was the power of collaboration, stressing that impactful change is a collective endeavor. The workshop also introduced practical tools such as empathy mapping and emphasized the importance of formulating a Theory of Change for effective social impact when planning and implementing CSR initiatives.
  • The significance of collaboration and co-creation emerged as key strategies for scaling impact within one's sphere of influence and network. The session concluded with a poignant reminder on the essential role of quantifiable data in assessing impact, refining strategies, and ensuring the continuous enhancement of social initiatives.

If you have any questions, please kindly contact Alexia Duvernoy aduvernoy(@)fccsingapore.com


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