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Phoenix Coaching launches the Women Circle

What's a Women Circle? A safe place to share, learn and grow with like minded women.

Natalia Ize, Founder and Director of Phoenix Coaching, has launched a Mental Fitness program dedicated to Women. She helps them move forward in alignment with who they really are, connect with their true selves and increase their wellbeing.

What does Phoenix Coaching do in a Women Circle?

  • Bond through visualizations and meditations.
  • Ground and center ourselves through simple yet potent body practices
  • Become aware of our self talk, let go away worries and replace them with healthy thoughts and feelings.
  • Tune into the wisdom and strength of our beautiful designed bodies.

The Women circle needs to be experienced in person to fully grasp its power and beauty.

Are you ready for it ? For Free trial, contact Natalia Ize, Founder and Director of Phoenix Coaching, for times (AM.PM) and location:

 +65 9672 2058


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