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PwC: The Future of Energy, Taking On Tomorrow

Tomorrow starts today.

Effective strategic change requires a sharp focus on the future. Whether it is the rise of circularity, the next steps for the hydrogen economy or the energy outlook for oil and gas firms, few companies can afford to cling blindly to the business models of the past. The ‘taking on tomorrow’ platform brings our insights into the future of industries in energy, utilities and resources together in one place, all at your fingertips.


Helping you navigate the road ahead

In less than 90 seconds of your time, Jeroen van Hoof (Global Leader, Energy, Utilities & Resources, PwC Netherlands) brings you closer to why we should care about the future of energy today instead of tomorrow.


“We’re seeing the future being pulled forward by a range of unstoppable forces. The impact of COVID-19 has intensified change that was already quickening. Humanity has been reminded of its vulnerability, and that awareness is likely to further accelerate the pace of technological transformation and heighten the focus on sustainability. Taking on tomorrow in an effective way will require companies to blend insight into the future with the reality of today.” -Jeroen van HoofGlobal Leader, Energy, Utilities & Resources, PwC Netherlands



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