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Qosmosys and LSA Partner to advance lunar economy initiatives

Qosmosys, a company in the field of lunar economy, has signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) with the Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA) to collaborate on cutting-edge research and development projects in the burgeoning field of the growing lunar economy.

These projects are still undefined, but there is particular attention on the mutual synergies they create. For example, they will enhance Luxembourg’s expertise in space technology while providing Qosmosys with an optimal environment for developing cutting-edge solutions for space exploration, supported by a local skilled workforce and a particular safety-conscious environment.

As Qosmosys expands its exploration of opportunities in specific corners of the world to develop projects that bolster its position in the Moon race, this LoI is a significant step towards establishing a presence in Europe. It also marks the partnership between Qosmosys and LSA, enabling them to focus on advanced applications pertinent to the Moon economy, which could specifically offer potential benefits for Earth in the near term.

Commenting on the collaboration, Francois Dubrulle, CEO of Qosmosys, stated, “Developing the Moon economy requires a supportive environment to nurture our projects. We are happy to partner with the Luxembourg Space Agency, sharing a vision of unlocking the immense potential of the Moon economy. We believe this collaboration will be instrumental in our development journey. Success requires choosing the right location.”

As part of the collaboration, Qosmosys and LSA are also exploring the potential to not only develop industrial activities but also to form partnerships with local organizations and public agencies throughout Europe that support the imperative endeavor of lunar exploration. Consequently, the two entities intend to sustain ongoing efforts to foster an environment conducive to innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic prosperity in the space sector.

SOURCE: Spacewatch Europe


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