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Regional recognitions are pouring for BIZSU

SINGAPORE, 13th October 2022: BIZSU, an innovative start-up with a special focus on working towards promoting sustainability, has made it to the finalists of two challenges, the PowerACE 2022 organised by the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore and led by major institutions including Temasek, CapitaLand, CDL and OCBC as well as the Hotel Innovation Challenge Asia 2022 organised by the Singapore Hotels Association and sponsored by recognised entity such as Fullerton hotel and Singapore Tourism Board. 

The powerACE Challenge 

This is the 5th staging challenge that offers a platform for energy start-ups to scale up their operations. The challenge gives participants unique opportunities to meet with large corporations, potential investors, and policymakers in the renewable energy sector. The main areas of focus for the challenge include low-carbon transition, net-zero solutions, and decarbonisation. 

110 applications, 12 finalists, 1 winner. The live pitching competition will be happening on the 27th of October 2022 at Asia Clean Energy Summit in Marina Bay Sands where Bizsu will also be showcasing their unique solution.

This challenge is very crucial for Temasek because it is addressing the root cause of problems facing the planet, especially global warming. "There is no return on a dead planet. So, we have to act with determination, and we believe that high-functioning carbon markets will help," explained the Chief Sustainability Officer of Temasek, Steve Howard. 

Hotel Innovation Challenge Asia 2022

This challenge is organised by the Singapore Hotel Association (SHA) and FHA-HoReCa with support from the Singapore Tourism Board (STB). The main areas of focus for the Hotel Innovation Challenge Asia 2022 are innovative solutions for addressing issues in the industry’s service delivery, housekeeping, and sustainability.

The Singapore Hotel Association said they are looking forward to using “hardware or software solutions” to encourage sustainable behaviours in the industry.

The 8 finalists will be presenting and pitching on the 25th of October at FHA HoReCa, Singapore Expo, Hall 2. 

BIZSU Technology to Help Hotel Industry Quickly Cut Down Energy Use by 25%

In Singapore, air conditioning accounts for up to 30% of carbon emissions and up to 80% of electricity bills. According to Brice Degeyter, the general manager of BIZSU, they are offering patented technology that gives 25% average savings on air conditioning. The technology stood out during the challenge for its effectiveness in:

  • Cutting down the cost of energy
  • Improving air quality
  • Cutting down carbon footprint
  • Enhancing customer experience 

BIZSU also made it to the semi-finalists in the biggest Asian start-ups challenge, based in Taiwan. This competition comes with a USD1 million reward for the winner.



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