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Riding the Next Wave — Digital Transformation Strategies in Asia Pacific

This report, the third in Baker McKenzie's Asia Pacific Business Renewal Series, explores how digital transformation (DX) has become a driving force in business decision making, and how it will shape the business landscape over the decade to come. As companies respond to shifting demand patterns and propel their DX agenda, the conversation turns to areas such as managing emerging risks, creating value from new technologies and aligning DX efforts with business renewal. 

Key highlights include:

  • the uneven sectoral landscape for DX in the region
  • top DX risks affecting the pace of on-boarding and monetizing technology
  • key areas that can accelerate DX efforts
  • how propelling DX will help businesses stay competitive and seek growth



About the Asia Pacific Business Renewal Series

Over a year into the global pandemic, businesses have had to pivot to survive and adjust to new ways of conducting business. Now, more than ever, Asia Pacific business leaders are making the necessary strategic changes to meet the needs of a vastly changed business landscape — and deciding where legal expertise may be needed most to limit and manage disruption and soften risks.

This series of four reports unpacks the hypercomplex nature of business in 2021. Understand the momentum and mindset of business leaders and decision-makers in the region as they navigate challenges relating to four main areas of business: Supply Chains, New M&A Landscape, Digital Transformation and Sustainability ESG.

Each report is based on a custom survey of 800 respondents, in partnership with Acuris. Reports feature key considerations and action points to helping businesses to understand the horizon ahead as they make strategic decisions, pursue growth and secure lasting success.


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