Showing appreciation for Singapore’s COVID-19 healthcare workers through fragrances

Interparfums Asia-Pacific collaborated with Luxasia to show appreciation for 1500 COVID-19 medical frontline workers in Singapore.

To show their heartfelt appreciation for Singapore’s COVID-19 medical frontline workers, Interparfums Asia-Pacific collaborated with Luxasia on a meaningful initiative aimed at bringing olfactory delight. Together, both companies distributed 1500 fragrance products, comprising various coffret sets and full-sized bottles of perfumes from luxury brands such as Mont Blanc, Coach, Lanvin, and Jimmy Choo. These products reached 1500 healthcare workers in 5 hospitals and 1 community care facility, managed by 2 healthcare groups in Singapore.

Apart from doctors and nurses, there are many other healthcare workers who contribute greatly in the nation’s united battle against COVID-19. These include allied health and pharmacy professionals (e.g. pharmacists, therapists, assistants, technicians), as well as ancillary and administrative personnel working as a team to support frontline healthcare operations. In this giving effort, both Interparfums Asia-Pacific and Luxasia desired to reach as many frontline workers, in as many functions, as possible. In the robust fabric of Singapore’s healthcare system, every single function matters.

Mr Renaud Boisson, CEO Asia Pacific for Interparfums Asia-Pacific commented, “We hope that these gifts will motivate Singapore’s frontline healthcare workers to run the remaining laps of this race well and finish strong. We also hope that the scents from Interparfums will make a long-lasting impression and be remembered fondly by them well into the future.”

Dr Wolfgang Baier, Group CEO of Luxasia added, “To Singapore’s healthcare workers, especially those in the COVID-19 frontline, we want you to know that we stand together with you and truly value your contributions to our society”. As Singapore’s COVID-19 infections decline from its peak, Interparfums Asia-Pacific and Luxasia continue to remain hopeful for a bright common future. Leveraging on their close partnership, both companies aspire to make the best of luxury beauty and retail together in Singapore and across Asia Pacific.

Image Credits: Ng Teng Fong General Hospital


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