Singathon to raise funds to bring live music to patients in the public hospitals

Music lovers of all ages will come together for a SINGATHON

United by a common mission: singing to raise funds to bring live music to our public hospitals!

#SGCares #GivingWeekSG #CityOfGood


In the frame of Giving Week organized by the NVPC, Sing’theatre is launching a unique fundraising campaign, that will lead to a SINGATHON on Sunday, 20th December 2020.

” If people can run a Marathon for a cause, why not sing for a cause, for a Singathon? Especially when the cause is to bring live music to the patients in the hospitals,” explains TJ Taylor, Sing’theatre’s Associate Artistic Director who came up with the idea.

From 10 am to 10 pm, singers from all walks of life, music genre, age, and race will sing to raise funds for 365 Days of Music@SingHealth, a program that provides one hour of live music in one of the institutions of SingHealth, every day for 365 days! Yes! Every day, even Sundays and public holidays, because there is no day off when you are sick.

“When COVID-19 put the program on hold in February, I was devastated, but we adapted to the new situation and brought the program online”, shares Nathalie Ribette, Sing’theatre Executive and Artistic Director.

Since 29th May, Sing’theatre has brought live music online at Singapore General Hospital weekly. In July, we brought live digital performances in Hindi & Tamil to migrant workers quarantined in dormitories at Singapore Expo, and CCF@Bright Vision.

Since 7th October, patients of Sengkang General Hospital and Outram Community Hospital are offered interactive zoom concerts!

 “As a very old school singer, I was not expecting that online concerts could work so well” confesses Peter Diaz who has performed at the bedside of patients with Sing’theatre since 2013.

SINGATHON will be streamed on YouTube from 10 am to 10 pm. The performers will be a mix of amateurs and professional artists like Neo Swee Lin & Lim Kay Siu who will serenade the audience with their ukulele, as well as Mina Kaye, Vanessa Kee...


The artistic team at Sing’theatre is still working on the line-up and hopes to receive applications from singing talents who want to contribute.

#SGCares #GivingWeekSG #CityOfGood



For more info:

To participate as a singer: info(@)

To donate: single news

For media enquiries, please contact: nathalie(@) - Tel: 96759079




Date:                                  Sunday 20 December from 10 am to 10pm

Viewing platform:           YouTube/Sing’theatre website

Giving Platform:    

Artistic Direction:            TJ Taylor & Nathalie Ribette        

Performers:                      5 hosts & 35 singers or group of singers 


Confirmed Line up:          Hossan Leong, Joshua Simon, TJ Taylor, Nathalie Ribette, Neo Swee Lin & Lim Kay Siu, Mina Kaye, Vanessa Kee, …  

and also, Froufrou, la Grisette (Operetta), International French School Girls (pop-rock), Jenilee Rawlins (Disney songs), The Cans (pop-rock in various languages)…                                                                  


About the Sing'theatre Community Outreach in the Public Hospitals 

Sing’theatre has brought live music to patients, their families and caregivers

  • Since 21 June 2013
  • In most of the SingHealth Institutions (Singapore General Hospital, KK Hospital, Changi General Hospital, National Cancer Centre, National Heart Centre, Singapore National Eyes Centre, Outram Community Hospital, Sengkang Community Hospital…), and also at National University Hospital and Tan Tock Seng Hospital
  • with a total of approx. 1,000 live performances, i.e. 500 hours being performed
  • By approximately 700 performers of all genres, ages, cultures, and backgrounds
  • Touching approximately 100 000 people
  • By performing celebrities like Sebastian Tan, Irene Ang, Jeremy Monteiro, Chua Enlai, Hossan Leong, Kumar, Karen Tan, Suhaimi Yusof, George Chan, Benjamin Kheng, Daphne Khoo, Petrina Kow, Sheila de Niro, Allemay Fernandez…
  • With many students from local & international schools 
  • And various musical genres from Xinyao to Malay via Operetta, opera, Jazz, Pop, French oldies, Guzheng, classical…



About 365 days of Music@SingHealth

365 Days of Music@SingHealth is a program created and produced by Sing’theatre in collaboration with SingHealth.

The program aims at bringing one hour of live music every day in one of the institutions of SingHealth group EVERY DAY, all year long, reaching 66,000 people annually. First in the world, this initiative had a soft launch on 7 October 2019 and was supposed to be officially launched on 12 February 2020, but COVID-19 brought all activities in the hospitals to a halt. 

However, Sing’theatre adapted to the situation and took live concerts online: since 29th May, they have performed live music online at Singapore General Hospital weekly. In July, digital live performances in Hindi & Tamil were brought to migrant workers quarantined in dormitories at Singapore Expo. Since 7th October, the patients in Sengkang General Hospital and Outram Community Hospital are being entertained via interactive zoom concerts! 


About Sing’theatre

Sing’theatre is a theatre company committed to bringing music and theatre to everyone.

It uses the musical theatre genre and music to bring social conversations and personal struggles to the stage through our shows.

Beyond the traditional stage, Sing’theatre is committed to bringing music to everyone through our community outreach programmes in hospitals.

Sing’theatre Academy gives musical theatre enthusiasts from all walks of life the opportunity to practise with and learn from professional artists through our high quality classes and more than just offering technical lessons, we are exposing our students to the cultural value of musical theatre and real professional stage experience.


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