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Sopexa Becomes Hopscotch Season

Sopexa fully integrates into the communications group Hopscotch and changes its name to Hopscotch Season. 

Paris, June 11, 2024 – One month after its full acquisition by Hopscotch, communications consultancy Sopexa is changing its name to Hopscotch Season. This change is part of the company's dynamic development and gives rise to a leading brand in Food & Beverage communications, bringing together almost 300 experts in EMEA, America, and Asia. This development will also enable Hopscotch Season to extend its consulting activities to promote art de vivre throughout the world, drawing on the group's sector-specific expertise.  

This complete integration of Sopexa into Hopscotch marks the latest stage in a story that began in 2016 with the group's first stake in Sopexa. The merger was further strengthened in 2019, and today they are fully integrated under a new name: Hopscotch Season.  

Clear Synergies 

Hopscotch Season and Hopscotch Groupe have many joint strengths to draw on. The group's agencies bring to Hopscotch Season their various areas of expertise (events, digital, PR & Public Affairs), while Hopscotch Season brings its expertise in trade and in leading international coalitions of industry players, as well as its 30 agencies worldwide, and the 150,000 opinion leaders in its network. 

"This definitive merger will enable Hopscotch Season to benefit from the group's diverse expertise in digital events and PR, while Hopscotch Season will give us the benefit of its in-depth knowledge of local markets and consumer habits.” explains Valérie Bonnement, Hopscotch’s Deputy Managing Director. 

Hopscotch Season also has a Business Intelligence team which produces studies on consumer patterns worldwide, feeding into the teams of the entire group. One example is the Wine Trade Monitor, a survey that deciphers trends in the international wine market.  

Hopscotch Season and Hopscotch share many success stories since 2016.  

An example is the IDF (International Dairy Federation) Summit, organized by Hopscotch Season in collaboration with other group agencies. 

They can also mention the recent win for the furniture industry, won thanks to the collaborative work of Hopscotch Season & Hopscotch Event.  

Hopscotch Season also works closely with teams from Hopscotch Interface Tourism, the group's tourism vertical which joined Hopscotch in 2023, and benefits from their expertise across Europe. The combination of Season & Interface Tourism networks creates a worldwide operational network with a team of experts who understand the consumer habits in their different markets.  

We are delighted with this full 100% integration, which consolidates our global network and, by increasing the density of the Hopscotch brand around the world, enables us to accelerate our internationalization to support our clients.” clarifies Pierre-Franck Moley, President of Hopscotch Season & Managing Director of Hopscotch.  

A New Name and a Changing DNA 

Seasonality gives life to all plant forms, shapes the way we travel, and influences our homes and lifestyles. ‘Season’ also evokes the flavors that season our lives and our projects. More creative, more innovative, more ambitious than ever, Hopscotch Season continues to work to create commitment and federate communities aware of environmental and social issues. 

With employees in 30 agencies, throughout every continent, Hopscotch Season focuses on understanding audiences and cultural specificities to create messages that resonate with everyone, create emotion, and make an impact. 

More Art de Vivre 

This major development enables Hopscotch Season, with 60 years of expertise in the Food & Beverage sector, to extend its communications consultancy activities to other sectors, to promote art de vivre throughout the world, supporting all its brands and partners in the development of their image and identity. 

Hopscotch Season is delighted to author a new chapter in its history with a major pioneer in events and public relations.  

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SOURCE: Hopscotch


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