Spotlight on Julie Reynaud from LAZULI

From the IT world to a world of Feelings & Emotions, Julie Reynaud shares her passion for Art with us.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What brought you to Singapore?

I was born in Nice, a city where Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, and many others passed by, I have always been passionate about art and loved wandering in museums and vernissages, art galleries and artist ‘studios.

I studied communication and marketing which led me to do an internship in China. I’m 25, it’s the year before the Olympics, the city is in turmoil, and I’m learning to dream surrounded by young people my age who have for the first time access to property, a week of paid vacation and a head full of dreams.

Back in France, I decided that I am a salesperson because commerce is above all about communicating with people and that’s what I’m good at! (Same Latin root: cum = with, by the way!) But I did not go to any business school and despite my beautiful diplomas and good internships, it is not enough for a young girl to find a job in the South of France.

So, I’ll fly to Canada to join HEC Montreal where I’ll get another diploma, in business and management this time. I’m back in France, but still want to explore the world. I’ll find a job in IBM Ireland and pack my luggage. In Dublin, surrounded by young Europeans who work at Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, we party a lot, and we also work very hard. The warmth of the Irish People compensates for the bad weather. It is a wonderful country.

After 4 years in Ireland, I want to grow my career, and I have the opportunity to relocate to Singapore. I am in charge of IBM Services sales in the financial sector in the APAC region. It’s the same company, but a new world, I discover new cultures, a new way of working too. There is nothing easier than settling in SG, especially with a roommate, I meet people from all walks of life, I learn every day, and travel a lot – this was before COVID!

How did you come to create your company?

After several years in IT, I had the chance to achieve one of my dreams by building a villa in Bali. There were big empty walls and I wanted to make the place spectacular, contemporary, artsy.

I immediately thought of an Australian Street-Artist I had spotted on Instagram – Yokii – who lives in Bali. So, I went to visit his gallery in Seminyak. There, I met Melvine, a French woman who runs with passion an incredible art gallery.

She invited me to visit the artist’s studio and I fell in love with one of his artworks – this is when I start to dream about a new life, both personal and professional… I realized this is the life I want: every day surrounded by art, talking about art, meeting extraordinary artists, and passionate art lovers. Far from IT and B2B, this is all about feelings and emotions. 

The piece will be installed a month later while I’m starting to research on how to set up a business in Singapore, with all the constraints of finance, visa, etc.

A few words about your business? Your news

My goal is to offer all the services related to art, from Art consultancy to sourcing, framing to restoration, installation to commission and custom-made pieces, and online sale. The most important thing is the relationship with my clients. I start from their wish: a birthday present, framing a Hermès scarf, or restoring a painting damaged by time and humidity, or even something that has not yet been created. I listen to them, question them, and advise them throughout the whole process so that I can deliver something that meets their expectations. White gloves services at affordable prices!

Since Covid, people no longer travel and spend so much time at home, working from home, so they need to feel good and want to invest in their interior, for their well-being. Art is a form of expression as well as an identity, it helps people focus, relax, enjoy their time at home.

Why Lazuli ?

There are many art galleries that feature lots of artists, but they often seem a little hard to access, prices are rarely shown, you don’t always feel comfortable, and often get out without having experienced this unique emotion that art can bring.

I am really trying to change that, I want to give people the desire to discover art, to meet artists, to fall in love with an artwork, and to have the need to hang art on their walls. The idea is to make it easier for them, make the experience as simple, enjoyable, and rewarding as possible. We meet on zoom or in person. I understand their needs, their requirements. I go sourcing and get back with a curation that matches the “brief”.

It is a fully personalized experience because each client is unique, in their tastes and wishes. I share my expertise, together we find “The” artwork, this piece of art that will give them so much emotion and bring them so much joy and happiness.


What’s happening at the moment ? What are the next steps for your company?

I am currently working with a start-up that will soon open its offices in Singapore. A great challenge having to source a very large artwork for their boardroom. A statement piece that fits their identity and values.

I have also submitted my best and final offer to a Property Developer in Singapore. 20+ paintings and sculptures for their show flat.

I love sharing my curations, it allows me to discover Art, meet and develop a relationship with Artists from all over the world. it’s super rewarding!

Today, I work with individuals and businesses, but also interior designers and I hope soon to be able to work with hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, why not? Places where you don’t go to see Art, but where Art comes to you!

Do you have an idea in mind or wondering what can be done for you?

Visit my website www.lazuli.art or my insta www.instagram.com/lazuli_space and contact me at contact@lazuli.art


Lazuli is a participating member of So Chic. As the B2C platform of the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, So Chic showcases a diverse range of French lifestyle brands and entities in Singapore. For more information, visit https://www.sochic.sg/


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