Spotlight on Veronique Larroque, founder of French Delices

She shares with us her passion for wine, her business values and how she has created French Delices, an on-line retail of French wines and fine food.

What is your background?

I am a French engineer with a business background. Third generation of wine entrepreneur, I had always witnessed my relatives working in this area and it was also part of our family discussions during our meals, as a child. So it was just a question of time I would end up in this area too.


A few words about your business

French Delices is an on-line retail of French wines and fine food, but not only. We organize also, on monthly basis (more or less) wine/cheese tasting in association with local restaurants (at Wine Mansion, UB3 premises etc..) or at home (private tasting), while respecting COVID restrictions.

We have started with wines (for us the easiest part, thanks to our numerous connections), but cheeses are coming. The next step will be for Christmas with foie gras and duck. In 2022, we will complement our catalogue with all kind of food with truffle.

The DNA of our company is that all our suppliers share with us the same values: honesty, quality, flavour and commitment.

Why did you set up your business in Singapore?

All started from a discussion with owners of Wine Mansion who were looking for French hidden gems. This is when the idea came to life: the Singaporean market is overwhelmed by wines from around the worlds. But, as wine lovers, we couldn’t find good value for money. Moreover, for me, French wine is not all about Bordeaux, Champagne or Burgundy, far from that: we know a lot about wonderful Rose from Cotes de Provence, delightful Cotes du Rhones, tasteful Malbec or Syrah from South West and of course delicious sparkling wines like Mousseux or Cremant. So why not to use our knowledges and connections?

What was the most difficult challenge to overcome on your entrepreneurial journey?

Every day is a challenge and this is why this Journey is so interesting !

During the events is easy for us to show our commitment and authenticity, but our challenge today is to show our DNA through social media, this is currently my main concern.  I am working on social media strategies, avatar and so on.


What are the next steps for your company?

In 2022, we would like French Delices to become a reference for French wines and fine food in Singapore. Why not to open a retail shop also ?

Then, we strongly believe that there are opportunities for French Delices in Asia : we would like to work with South of Korea and why not with Japan, Vietnam and Indonesia.


Your motto in life?

I have learnt that patience may be the most important motto


Your business motto?

Authenticity definetely


Do you want to know more on French Delices's selection? Go to: https://french-delices.com
contact: frenchdelices.sg(@)gmail.com / +65 8511 5570


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