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Thales strengthens Avionics and Digital Capabilities in Singapore

From left to right: Emily TAN, Country Director and Chief Executive of Thales in Singapore, Pascale SOURISSE, Senior Executive Vice President, International Development, Patrice CAINE, Chairman and CEO, Thales Group, PNG Cheong Boon, Chairman, EDB, Cindy KOH, Executive Vice President, Advanced Manufacturing Group, ⁠LIM Tse Yong, Senior Vice President and Head, Mobility and Industrial Solutions


Thales reinforces its Avionics industrial base in Singapore, through a Centre of Excellence that will work on industrialising new avionics products and Smart Factory transformation initiatives.

The Group also strengthens its Digital Identity & Security (DIS) engineering footprint in Singapore, with the intent to establish a worldwide Cyber Security Hub and a CoE for Hardware and Embedded Software, and to create in Singapore the Transversal Centre of Excellence for Eco-Design & AI-assisted Technologies.

With a strong focus on eco-design in development and manufacturing, these initiatives are undertaken in partnership with the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and reinforce Thales’ position as a leading and sustainable technology company in Asia.

From R&D activities to smart manufacturing in sectors that encompass Aerospace, Defence and Digital Identity & Security, Thales has been a partner to Singapore’s digital technology growth for over fifty years. At the Singapore Airshow 2024, Thales strengthens its commitment to Singapore with its intent to further entrench its footprint in the avionics and digital sectors.

Technology-enablers like the use of biometrics, advanced AI and cloud-based connectivity will shape the transformation of the aerospace sector. In addition, there continues to be a sustainability focus on technological innovation by integrating eco-design in the development of new products and services as companies minimise their environmental impact. The latest expansion of Thales’ capabilities in Singapore will take two dimensions.

1. Thales reinforces its Avionics Asia-Pacific Industrial Centre (AAIC)

Thales in Singapore currently hosts one of the Group’s leading sites for avionics manufacturing and MRO services, having established operations over 50 years ago. To support the evolving industrial needs of airlines and aircraft manufacturers with the rebound in air travel, a future Avionics Centre of Excellence will be set up at Thales’ AAIC located at Changi North Rise. Amongst the topics in scope will be the future industrialisation of new flight avionics products from Singapore as well as Smart Factory 4.0 automation and digitalisation initiatives to further reinforce a competitive and sustainable avionics industrial base in Singapore.

2. Thales’ expands its Digital Identity & Security Engineering Competence Centre (DIS ECC) footprint

Thales’ DIS Engineering Competence Centre (ECC) in Singapore actively works on advanced research, product development, and project delivery on cutting edge solutions towards banking, telecommunications, identity biometrics and innovative technologies. Thales announces a further investment in its ECC engineering capabilities in Singapore, notably on Cybersecurity and Hardware and Embedded Software. In addition, Thales will also establish in Singapore a transversal Centre of Excellence for eco-Design and AI-assisted Technologies, hosting practices and references for all of the Group’s DIS businesses, with the ambition to apply these eco-design practices on all of Thales’ future products and services.

“We welcome Thales’ latest expansion plans for Singapore, which will reinforce our position as a leading aerospace hub and strengthen our digital ecosystem. These investments will also create exciting job opportunities for Singaporeans in the areas of advanced manufacturing and innovation. We look forward to deepening our longstanding partnership with Thales in the years ahead.” 

Lim Tse Yong, Senior Vice President and Head, Mobility and Industrial Solutions, Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB).


"Thales in Singapore values our longstanding partnership with EDB, and we appreciate the trust EDB has with us to grow the business and establish roots in Singapore. After over 50 years in Singapore, I am optimistic that our technology, research and innovation heritage is bringing increasing value, and we can continue to propose new solutions to our partners in the area of Smart Avionics, Cybersecurity, Fintech, Connectivity, and Digital Identity. I look forward to the future years of partnership ahead, in this exciting era that can make the future of travel attractive, safe and sustainable.” 

Emily Tan, Country Director and Chief Executive, Thales in Singapore

In October 2023 on the occasion of its 50th anniversary in Singapore, Thales announced its intent to recruit more than 1000 people over the next three years in Singapore. These latest initiatives, coupled with the Group’s recent acquisition of leading cybersecurity provider Imperva, strengthens Thales’ footprint and expertise in Asia, putting it on track to reach its ambitions as a leading technology player in Singapore.

SOURCE: Thales


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