Timeo-Performance & Jean-Francois Cousin (2019 Chairman of the Global Board of the ICF) partner to launch a unique 100% digital Coaching MasterClass with a worldwide reach.

Timeo-Performance has been in the Skills Business in APAC since 2008 and aims to provide solutions for increased performance in companies, teams and individuals. In 2018, they launched a unique “Skills Factory” where their expertise in content and pedagogy has met with the state-of-the art in Digital Learning: CrossKnowledge, a Wiley brand.

Along all these years of developing teams through recruitment and training, Timeo has always been convinced that coaching skills were a key differentiating factor of performance for both individuals and companies.

At a Corporate level, “Coaching culture” is now recognised as being the common driver of the highest performing Companies across the world.  Having a coaching mindset, mastering coaching skills, is about “becoming a person who brings out the best in others, teams and organisations”.

This is why Timeo has partnered with their long-time friend Jean-Francois Cousin, an ICF Master Certified Coach, global speaker, internationally published author and the 2019 Chairman of the Global Board of the International Coach Federation (ICF) to develop a unique MasterClass “Unleash the Great Coach within” which will start on January 14th 2020.  It is the first time that Jean-Francois shares his exclusive methodology and content, gathered over 10,000 coaching-hour experience in an on-line Masterclass!

This programme was designed for and with Leaders and Managers, wherever they are. It has been developed after gathering insights and expectations from over 200 leaders and HR professionals from various industries and continents. It will help Managers and Leaders, as well as HR professionals and Trainers, to leverage the power of coaching and integrate it in their leadership-DNA. The Masterclass will also help professional coaches who wish to invigorate their learning and practice.

What is unique is that this Masterclass is 100% digital (including live webinars), with live support from professional coaches during this 7 week programme, and offers a certificate upon completion. The programme has been approved by the ICF with 8 CCEU's (Continuing Coach Education Units).

The participants will join an interactive, gamified learning experience where they can exchange with other classmates, benefit from a team of dedicated professional coaches to support their learning along the way, enjoy live webinars with Jean-Francois, demonstrations, social learning and many practical tips and templates.

The Coaching Master programme comes also with different Corporate products for Corporations who want to build and develop a coaching culture within their teams of leaders and Managers.. and throughout.

Timeo-Performance organises a free Masterclass online training session on 12th December 2019, where the community of learners will gather for the first time to get a flavour and some insights about the content and learning methods of the Coaching Masterclass. Feel welcome to register here.

For more information and join the Coaching Masterclass “Unleash the Great Coach within” community, find us here: https://www.timeo-performance.com/masterclass/


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