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Triple-A partners with Higlobe

Payment Platform for professionals and businesses, Triple-A has partnered with Higlobe, enables businesses to pay and get paid in crypto, anytime, anywhere, without touching crypto.

This collaboration represents a turning point in the empowerment of the global freelancing workforce, by highlighting the important role stablecoins may play in streamlining international payments, enhancing cash and treasury management, and promoting financial inclusion for freelancers in developing nations and beyond.

“Our partnership with Triple-A signifies a leap forward in delivering instant, free global transfers from the US and accelerating cross-border payments for freelancers,” stated Teymour H. Farman-Farmaian, Co-founder and CEO of Higlobe. “Our mission is to move the world’s money instantly and at no cost, especially in this era when remote work has gained significant traction. This collaboration aligns with our commitment to revolutionize international payments, benefiting both freelancers and the businesses they work with. It also marks another step forward in our international expansion.”

“We understand the complexities freelancers face in receiving payments, especially across borders,” remarked Eric Barbier, Founder and CEO of Triple-A. “Through this partnership, we aim to provide freelancers in the Philippines with an inexpensive and hassle-free experience when receiving USD payments from the US. Our robust, compliance-focused platform ensures secure and convenient transactions, further empowering the freelance and remote workforce.”



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