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Triple-A Partners with Tamatem to Introduce Cryptocurrency Payments for Gamers

In a move destined to reshape the digital gaming landscape, Tamatem Plus, a leading gaming platform in the Middle East, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Triple-A, a licensed digital currency payments provider. 

This partnership enhances the gaming experience for users of the Tamatem Plus platform by offering a secure and efficient way to purchase game vouchers in digital currencies across the globe. 

Key Highlights of the Partnership: 

● Innovative Payment Integration: Gamers globally can now enjoy the convenience of purchasing game vouchers with cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDC, and Binance Pay. 

● Enhanced Gaming Experience: This collaboration introduces a new user-friendly and secure payment method for acquiring digital items and vouchers. 

● A chargeback-free and refundable payment method for Tamatem: Tamatem accepts cryptocurrency payments while being fully shielded from volatility and enjoying next-day bank settlements.

Gamers worldwide can now purchase game vouchers on Tamatem Plus using a range of crypto payment options including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDC, and Binance Pay. 

In addition to digital currency payments being a chargeback-free and fully refundable payment method, by partnering with Triple-A, Tamatem is also fully shielded from volatility and enjoys next-day bank settlements. 

This collaboration underscores Tamatem Plus' commitment to providing unparalleled gaming experiences while leveraging Triple-A’s global presence to empower gamers with accessible and secure crypto payment solutions. 

"By partnering with Triple-A, we're not just enhancing the gaming experience; we're also embracing the adoption of cryptocurrency in the gaming industry and providing our users with a flexible, global, and secure payment method," said Faisal Bitar, Managing Director of Tamatem Plus. 

Eric Barbier, CEO of Triple-A, added, "This collaboration with Tamatem Plus exemplifies our commitment to innovative payment solutions. We're excited to be at the forefront of this significant shift in gaming commerce, facilitating crypto-based transactions for gamers worldwide." 

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