TTI Success Insights® DISC - Motivators - Acumen x Bienvenue Factory

TTI Success Insights® and Bienvenue Factory engaged in a partnership to provide the TTI Success Insights® DISC - Motivators - Acumen profiling assessment in Singapore and South East Asia. Why did we engage in this partnership?

"We are very glad to partner Bienvenue Factory which provides our solution to the retail industry in the full lifecycle of talent management including. With the expertise of Bienvenue, we are very confident to help clients in the SEA region to realize productively gain via Find the Right Talent, Engage and Develop the Talent and unleash employee full potential."
Leon Kong, General Manager @TTI Success Insights, Greater China

"TTI Success Insights® is the ideal profiling tool to clearly understand and easily remember someone's characteristics. A perfect way to put your staff's profiles in the centre of your vision of management. It's also the means for SMEs to access a profiling tool daily used in many global companies."
Chloe Cortinovis, Managing Director@Bienvenue Factory, Singapore


Profiling and Recruiting

Need to identify if a potential hire has the required behavioural characteristics and perspectives that align closely with the company's core values?
Get the ability to differentiate the actionable competencies from among a select pool of qualified candidates.
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Team Management and Efficiency

Need to design a new organisation or simply improve the complementarities in your teams?
Analyse their behaviours, motivators, and measure their abilities and competencies to set up better communication, collaboration, and efficiency. 
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