Tuas Power, Indonesia Power and EDF Renewables sign Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation for Import of Solar Energy into Singapore

Anti-clockwise from top left:

Bapak Ahsin Sidqi, President Director, Indonesia Power, Mr. Yalim Ozilhan, Southeast Asia Director of EDF Renewables, Mr. Jiang Hanbin, President & Chief Executive Officer, Tuas Power (seated) sign memorandum of understanding on cooperation to work with respective authorities on the framework for large scale import of electricity into Singapore. Signatories attended the signing ceremony from Indonesia, France and Singapore.


Tuas Power Ltd, a key player in Singapore’s energy industry and a member of the China Huaneng Group; EDF Renewables, a fully owned subsidiary of global low carbon energy leader, EDF Group and PT Indonesia Power signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) on 29 September 2021 to develop a framework for import of electricity from Indonesia into Singapore.

The President and CEO of Tuas Power Ltd, Mr. Jiang Hanbin, Southeast Asia Director of EDF Renewables, Mr. Yalim Ozilhan and the President Director of PT Indonesia Power, Mr. Ahsin Sidqi inked this MOU that includes a proposed 1000 MWp solar photovoltaic plant, feasibility studies in Indonesia and its grid connection to Singapore, as well as development of technical solutions to address issues of supply intermittency and transmission stability.

“Tuas Power’s participation in this power import project will provide our customers with a sustainable energy option. We are happy to partner Indonesia Power for their resources and land; and EDF Renewables for their expertise in developing, constructing and operating renewable project and smart energy solutions. Together with Tuas Power’s ideal location for power imports and skilled workforce; and our parent company’s (Huaneng Power International) expertise in large scale renewable projects and long-distance transmission, I am confident that this import project will be a successful example of large-scale power import into Singapore,” said Mr. Jiang.

EDF Renewables’ Southeast Asia Director, Mr. Yalim Ozilhan said, “We are delighted to be a part of this exciting 1000 MWp solar import project to Singapore in collaboration with Indonesia Power and Tuas Power. This partnership strengthens our position in South East of Asia region as we are already active in the region, especially Vietnam and Indonesia. This important solar project will contribute to government energy transition ambition and is in line with our commitment to develop renewable capacities globally.”

“This Large Solar Photovoltaic will be a starting point for Indonesia Power to make breakthrough steps which will be able to bring company across national borders. Indonesia Power wants to bring value to this strategic initiative, together with one of very well-known and reputable companies in green power plant development, EDF Renewables and also with one of the biggest electricity market leader in Singapore, Tuas Power,” said Mr. Ahsin Sidqi.

PLN’s Executive Vice President, Mrs. Noesita Indriani, who witnessed the signing of the MOU, delivered key messages from Mr. Evy Haryadi, PLN’s Director of Corporate Planning, “We welcome and are grateful for the implementation of the starting point of this strategic cooperation. PLN supports the initiation of collaboration between PT Indonesia Power, EDF Renewables, and Tuas Power. Hopefully all the planning activities for the execution of this program can run successfully and beneficially for both Indonesia and Singapore and also all the parties involved in this MOU.”

The signing of the MOU marks a milestone in the relationship between the three parties and signifies a shift beyond exploration of energy import solutions, with the focus now on possible technical solutions and working with the respective authorities on the framework for large scale import of electricity into Singapore.



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