UEX launches its brand new platform

We created UEX four years ago to make health in Singapore simpler and more accessible. Since day one, we focused our efforts on the customer experience. Today, and always in this continuity, we have improved our platform.

We provide you with a 100% digital experience, including online subscription, renewal, and payment as well as the personalization of your health insurance. With our brand new blog you can access information about health in Singapore.


A dynamic, simple, and transparent overview of the health coverage that best fits your profile

From now on, and with just a few clicks, we present you with the most appropriate health coverage for you. There is no commitment! It is a very instinctive process. This improvement gives you direct access to clear, precise, and transparent information.

Even if we do not cover you, you can always contact our team. All you have to do is leave us your contact details.

You have control: personalize your health insurance according to your needs and your budget

We've always given you a choice, and that hasn't changed. You can customize your coverage yourself according to your profile (single, family, age, etc.), your health needs, or your budget. When your customization is complete, you can subscribe and pay directly online.

Our Healthcare Marketplace is accessible to everyone

Some treatments do not justify subscribing to specific health insurance for only one consultation a year. With this in mind, we created the Healthcare Marketplace, a platform for healthcare services. Our Healthcare Marketplace is open to everyone and can now be accessed directly on our homepage. Choose your service, schedule a day, and pay, all online.

Our community blog dedicated to healthcare in Singapore

Our Singapore health information platform has been improved and separated from our Marketplace. We take care of you and share all of our Singapore health expertise to our expatriate community. 


For more information, visit https://www.uexglobal.com/en-sg/home


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