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Valoptia concludes a strategic partnership with Optimal Cost and confirms its international expansion

Valoptia is pleased to announce the conclusion of a strategic partnership with Optimal Cost, a Singapore and Portugal based consulting company.

Valoptia is a French leader in the publishing and distribution of software designed for economic performance management. As such, Valoptia is pleased to announce the conclusion of a strategic partnership with Optimal Cost, a Singapore and Portugal based consulting company that specializes in cost optimization, with the objective of sharing expertise to maximize the competitiveness of their clients.

This partnership enables the duo to address their clients’ organizational and economic performance challenges and contribute to the international expansion of Valoptia while leveraging on Optimal Cost’s pragmatic know-how.


Valoptia and Optimal Cost : A synergy between key players

To answer to the needs of their clients and to market demand, the two companies are now partners and offer a full range of complementary services. This cooperation aims not only to strengthen Valoptia’s commercial ties in Europe and Asia but also to develop a best-in-class service offer by pooling the expertise of both partners.

The partnership between Valoptia and Optimal Cost was established on a common vision : a foundation of values and ambitions based on high standards, innovation, tailor-made solutions, quality of the support provided and their commitment to customer success.


A growth partnership

Through this partnership, the French company, a subsidiary of Cost House - a well-established consulting company playing a major role on three continents, through its subsidiaries, in the management of economic performance - is tapping into new high-growth markets. These markets require tools to structure their development for which Valoptia is providing proven solutions. Valoptia intends to become an ally of choice for companies and organisations, public or private, in defining costing models, understanding costs and helping in decision-making.

Being able to rely on Valoptia’s proven solutions through this partnership allows Optimal Cost to have an overall view and full control of the value chain: from advisory to implementation while capitalizing on in-depth analysis powered by Valoptia tools.

As an ambassador of Valoptia, Optimal Cost is Valoptia’s technical and commercial representative in the territories concerned. This new role will be an additional asset to this 100% women-owned consultancy as it will diversify and complement its service offer to clients based out of Singapore and Portugal.

Valoptia, celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2021, welcomes this partnership that confirms its dynamism and its capacity for innovation in its area of expertise that is corporate governance. For Steve GORDON, Managing Director of Valoptia:

“This is testament to our ambition to become known internationally. We serve high-profile clients, we have subsidiaries in Europe, South America and in Africa and we now have a foothold in Asia. Our short-term goal is to strengthen our positioning on these continents and to expand our business into new markets.”

About Valoptia

Established in 2011, Valoptia develops and distributes cost and performance-oriented software applications. The market leader is a subsidiary of Cost House group and develops tailor-made solutions dedicated to the modelling and comprehension of business costs.

The company helps both mid-size businesses and large accounts from various sectors to achieve their economic performance goals. Valoptia meets its clients’ needs by using agile solutions adapted to their real needs and their business challenges. 


About Cost House

Established in 2006, Cost House is a consulting company specialised in economic performance.

Cost House provides support to Financial Management, Information Systems, as well as Purchasing and Manufacturing services through three areas of expertise: cost engineering, competitiveness improvement and simulation. With teams in Brazil, Morocco and Switzerland, the consulting firm is also represented by its subsidiary Valoptia in Singapore and Portugal. Cost House focuses on practical and measurable results that help maximize its clients’ competitiveness, growth, and long-term sustainability. 


About Optimal Cost

Optimal Cost is a 100% women-owned consultancy specialized in Procurement and IT. Headquartered in Singapore, Optimal Cost helps Procurement and IT departments become more efficient and more profitable by optimizing their business processes and the cost of their operations. Optimal Cost also operates in Europe from its office in Portugal.


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