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VIE Programme: Work Pass Requirements for French Candidates participating in VIE

French candidates participating in the VIE programme can apply for Employment Pass (EP) or S Pass, subject to the relevant work pass criteria. Employers must comply with the Fair Consideration Framework job advertising requirement and advertise the position on for at least 28 days. Notwithstanding the advertising requirement, the employer may hire the VIE candidate so long as he fairly considers all candidates who apply for the position during the 28 days, and assesses the VIE candidate to be the most suitable.

For French candidates participating in the VIE programme for shorter durations, eligible employers can consider applying for Training Employment Pass (TEP) or Work Holiday Pass (WHP), which are valid for 3 and 6 months respectively. Employers that apply for either of these passes for their candidates are not required to advertise on before application.

More specifically:
• There is no requirement for a Master’s Degree for an EP. Employers may use the Self-Assessment Tool to assess if their candidate qualifies for an Employment Pass or S Pass.
• Similarly, there is no requirement of any minimum number of years of professional experience for an EP.
• Should the candidate not meet the qualifying salary for an EP, employers may consider applying for an S Pass instead. It has a lower qualifying salary compared to the EP, but the firm needs to have sufficient quota. If there is insufficient quota, employers may consider applying for the TEP or WHP.


Please see attached Fact Sheet from the MOM FAQs specific to the Employment Pass and work pass requirements for French Candidates participating in the VIE Programme:



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