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VISEO Acquires PM, To Become One Of France's Leading Companies In SAP Solutions Integration

VISEO group, an international player in digital transformation, has announced that it has finalized the acquisition of Progress Management (PM), the French specialist in transformation projects based on SAP solutions in the retail and agri-food sectors.

VISEO and PM have been leading SAP partners for more than twenty years, the world's leading player in the corporate software applications market. This union has created the new leader in the SAP solutions integration market in France. Confident in SAPposition in the future and faced with a sharp rise in the needs for SAP expertise from existing and prospective clients, the new group is sure to play a decisive role in the development of SAP technologies as part of its clients' digital strategy.

This new acquisition is part of VISEO's strategy of providing support for the changes introduced by the software company: "For us, our collaboration with the teams from PM will be acting as a catalyst for moves on two strategic fronts that have already started, says Eric Perrier, Co-founder and CEO of VISEOOn the one hand, we have the sectoral verticalization of our technological approach, continuing the development of SAP solutions dedicated to each industry, while on the other hand we have the shift towards Cloud computing, which will profoundly revolutionize the SAP ecosystem over the next two decades".

For Vincent Raucaz, Co-Partner and President of PM, this latest move should above all constitute a new step in enabling all PM's highly qualified teams to fully express their potential in a rapidly developing organization: "Thanks to the commitment of our teams and the professionalism of all concerned over the last 25 years, the market now recognizes us as a leading player in the distribution and agri-food sectors. Today, we are excited about moving to another stage of development in order to enable our 130 employees to take on new challenges and flourish within a group that values both entrepreneurial spirit and technological excellence. This is also a strategic project to expand the range of services we offer, in order for us to continue to effectively meet our clients' needs."

With this acquisition, VISEO becomes France's key player in the area of SAP integration and underlines its ambition to become the same in the fifteen countries in which the group operates. With now more than €100 million in sales revenue from SAP activities worldwide, VISEO will continue to carry out increasingly ambitious projects to deliver all the power of SAP's platforms to its clients.



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