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WEBINAR: Tools Available for Employers & Concept of Force Majeure (Luther)

Estelle Malone and Coline Grison, Associates at Luther LLP, presented an overview of the concept of force majeure in contract and its consequences.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore, the local economy and the business operations of the companies have been experiencing disruption. This disruption has put a lot of pressure on businesses’ cash flow which could mean that some might not be able to support the cost of their current workforce.

Considering the regional and global developments of the situation, the Singapore government has introduced new measures and enhanced existing ones to support businesses to manage the volume and cost of their workforce.

The purpose of this webinar is to provide you with an overview of the possible strategies to adopt in order to manage potential excessive workforce and introduce you to the concept of force majeure in contract and its consequences.

Part I. ​ Tools available for employers​ 

  1. Support measures provided by the Singapore government ​

  2. Human Resources managements tools ​

  3. Practical guidance based on the most FAQ​​

Part II.​ Concept of force majeure ​& frustration​


Thank you to Estelle Malone and Coline Grison,  Associates at Luther LLP, and all our participants for this event!




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