WeHealth Digital Medicine and Nucleus Dynamics sign partnership in the field of diabetes

WeHealth Digital Medicine, Servier Group’s eHealth division, and Nucleus Dynamics (a Singapore MedTech company) announce their partnership for the co-development of a digital solution for the monitoring of the evolution of diabetic wounds aimed to improve patients’ follow-up by digitizing their treatment pathway with health professionals.

The ultimate challenge: to avoid the amputation of the patient's foot

The World Health Organization (Global Diabetes Report, 2016) estimated that 422 million people lived with diabetes in 2014. Diabetic foot is a severe chronic complication which consists of lesions in the deep tissues associated with neurological disorders and peripheral vascular disease in lower limbs. Amputation in people with diabetes is 10 to 20 times more common in comparison with those without diabetes. Digital tools can help improve wound management.

The key to the application: advanced intelligent image processing technology

WeHealthTM Digital Medicine and Nucleus Dynamics will jointly develop and commercialize an innovative digital solution intended for wound care practitioners seeking to optimize wound monitoring and treatment. This is expected to improve healthcare outcome and to facilitate collaboration between medical staff.

The solution to be commercialized is expected to be a smart mobile-based point-of-care wound management solution that uses advanced intelligent image processing technology to help overcome challenges in wound care management, enabling easy wound documentation as easy as taking a photo or a video and connecting healthcare providers and medical supplies via one sharing platform. A nurse or podiatrist would take a picture of the wound, enabling automatic measurement, and tissue type characterization. The evolution would be properly followed, through a report sent to the doctor or diabetologist.

“Our mission is to develop innovative digital solutions to improve patients’ care. With Nucleus Dynamics’ solution, wound care management could be deeply improved with a better transmission of patients’ data through the continuum of care, from nurses to podiatrists, general practitioners and diabetologists,” says David Guez, Executive Director of Innovation and Scouting of WeHealthTM Digital Medicine.

“Nucleus Dynamics is a leader in the use of artificial intelligence and connected technologies to transform how healthcare institutions diagnose and care for patients. We are very enthusiastic to partner with WeHealth Digital Medicine, an organization which believes in driving the adoption of innovative eHealth solutions to improve patient care. We look forward to our partnership and seek, through it, to bring significant progress to healthcare in wound care management,” says Marc Géniaux, CEO of Nucleus Dynamics.

WeHealth Digital Medicine is the exclusive distributor of the solution at a worldwide level. It will be first launched in the European market end of 2020.

This is the fourth WeHealth Digital Medicine’s partnership signed in the diabetes field.


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