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Why by Lonsdale certified as a Great Place To Work

Why by Lonsdale has officially been certified as a Great Place To Work.

The entire team completed a survey which evaluated various criteria based on five markers: Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Personal Pride, and Camaraderie. We are delighted to say that we excelled.

In the Credibility Dimension, which was evaluated across 3 areas (communication, competencies, and integrity), Why By Lonsdale? scored highly with many markers in the high 80s and 90s. They are particularly proud that 93% of their employees believe that their management is honest and ethical in their business practices, and 85% find the management approachable and easy to talk to.

“Our goal has always been to establish an organization that is dedicated to fostering a culture of trust, creating an environment where our employees feel at ease to speak openly and freely with their managers about any subject, and where they know that they will be treated with respect and receive a response. It is gratifying to see that our team feels this way.” Managing Director, Cecile Baur Ayed.


SOURCE : Why By Lonsdale?


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