Why Innovation: Design sprint, from concept to execution in 5 days

WHY INNOVATION! was invited to equip the team with the ability to carry out a 5-day Design Sprint. It is important for businesses and organisations adopt a flexible mindset and go from conceptualisation to execution within 5 days. Having a good framework to the design process is key, and the goal is not to build a perfect product, but to create a prototype or service that can be tested by users and receive feedback in real-time. 

The paper explores the crux of the 5-day Design Sprint — Day 1: Understand, Day 2: Diverge, Day 3: Converge/Decide, Day 4: Prototype and Day 5: Validate. Several case studies are discussed to apply the concept, and the common challenges encountered during the design process are also highlighted.  

The paper concludes with a summary of the 5-day Design Sprint and how it will benefit organisations. 

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