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Zero Waste City: Complying with Mandatory Reporting Requirements Workshop slides

In 4 months, the reporting period for the Mandatory Packaging Reporting will start. In order to support businesses in complying with this new regulation, the National Environment Agency (NEA), in collaboration with the Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF), organised an online workshop to learn, discuss and get tips on best practices. The workshop took place on 31st October 2020.

Alongside with the NEA, and as a Material Efficiency Consultant, Remi Cesaro was invited to share practical tips and advice to help companies complying with the regulation. The presentation included:

  • Tools for decision-makers
  • A detailed procedure for the implementation of the regulation
  • Definitions on terminology
  • Examples of best practices that businesses can implement.

Furthermore, the presentation covered the new obligations associated with the packaging “producers”, the expected implementation timeline, and how organisations such as Zero Waste City and Label for Recycling can help.

The presentation slides are free to download from our website:

Remi would like to extend his gratitude to the Singapore Manufacturing Federation who organised the event and made the presentation a success, as well as, the National Environment Agency for welcoming us to present a complimentary perspective on the Mandatory Packaging Reporting.



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