Why Singapore?

Thanks to its unique strategic location in the centre of ASEAN (Association of South-East Asian Nations), Singapore positions itself as a crucial international hub. The Singaporean environment (tax, intellectual property, quality of the workforce…) is favourable for the setting-up and the development of new companies.

At the edge of the Malaysian peninsula, Singapore is ideally located in the heart of mainland Southeast Asia among the 10 ASEAN countries, between India and China. The state is simultaneously open to the sea, thanks to the huge industrial-port platform, and to the land with the bridges and highways connected to Malaysia.

Singapore is a gateway to Asia and especially to Southeast Asia and ASEAN. The city-state acts as a platform of re-export to the countries of this area as nearly 1/3 of the ASEAN’s trade flows transit through Singapore. The numerous free-trade agreements signed by the ASEAN countries lead to a decrease of tariffs and an increase of commercial trades in the region. Singapore maintains really strong economic relations with its neighbours notably Malaysia via new investment projects such as « Iskandar » which seeks the development of cutting-edge technologies in the region.

Singapore is the first business partner of France in the ASEAN region (Southeast Asia), the third in Asia after China and Japan and the fourth country recipient of French investments on the Asian continent. Many multinationals and SMEs have chosen to set up in Singapore. Today, 700 subsidiaries and 350 French entrepreneurs are established: from IT to tourism and including aviation, electronics, biomedical, perfumery, cosmetics, agribusiness, catering or distribution. French companies have already proved themselves before and there is still place for those which wish to start the adventure.


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