Amrita BantaManaging Director, Agility Research & Strategy Pte Ltd

Having carried out over 500 consulting engagements across various industry verticals and helping grow and develop premium businesses over a 25-year career, Amrita is a true expert on global affluent consumers, with a deep understanding of how to market to this coveted segment across Asia and around the world.

She is a frequent speaker on everything premium and luxury on the BBC, CNBC, Bloomberg and other international media and at luxury and travel conferences the world over including the New York Times Luxury Conferences, International Travel and Luxury market , FT, Global Wellness Summit and many more. She is frequently quoted in leading publications and the press as a go to person on the affluent consumer’s trends for brands.

She was nominated as one of the Luxury Woman Leaders globally and the only one from Asia in a list of the leading women in luxury.

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