CEO Tech Club


This exclusive club brings together more than 50 French CEOs from the Tech Industry within an atmosphere of friendship and unconventional thinking.


  • Challenges and Insights

The meeting was an opportunity to present their current challenges to obtain insights and feedback from fellow tech start-up CEOs. A great thank you to Julien Labruyère, Co-Founder & CEO of Sleek, Grégoire Rastoul, CEO of UEX, and Guillaume Martin, Co-Founder & COO of FlySpaces.

  • Recruitment

The meeting covered recruitment topic with discussions to make it faster to hire great candidates, more consistently, and with significantly less effort.

  • Retargeting

The meeting covered what retargeting is as a type of online advertising and why every business should consider it for theirwebsite. We also discussed how to smartly build and improve a website to increase conversions, and lastly more advanced retargeting techniques such as using videos.

  • Board Advisory

The meeting covered what the topic of Board Advisory with key questions to be asked when creating and operating an advisory board. We discussed who is trying to achieve what from an advisory board, how the business of the board should be conducted, and what the benefits are to having it


Past Events

Event report

CEO Tech Club - Advisory Board

Eric Barbier, Money Over IP, Denis Branthonne, Novade, and JC Bouglé, Powata, invited all the CEO Tech members for this exclusive session. This...

Event report

CEO Tech Club - Cyber Security

Thank you Sylvain Lejeune from WatchGuard Technologies - and co-founder of Jumpster - for sharing your knowledge at the CEO Tech Club this morning!...

Event report

CEO Tech Club - Design Sprint

Yesterday we had the pleasure of having Julien Condamines, founder of Co-Creation Lab, who led a workshop on how to customise a framework and run...

Event report

CEO Tech Club - Special Session

Eric Barbier, Money Over IP, Denis Branthonne, Novade, and JC Bouglé, Powata and the French Chamber of Commerce organised a special session for CEO...


  • Eric Barbier - Triple A
  • Denis Branthonne - Novade
  • JC Bouglé - FewStones



  • Once a month



  • French CEOs from the Tech Industry

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