F&B and Hospitality

Mission & Objectives

The F&B and Hospitality Committee aims to: 

  • Promote French Gastronomy & its members' expertise in the sector
  • Develop cooperation and synergies between French and local companies
  • Share information and best-practices, encourage synergies and business opportunities
  • Organise Monthly Networking Luncheons
  • Develop specific events to increase its members' exposure in Singapore.

This committee is the occasion to meet on a regular basis experts working within the same sector, such as manufacturers, importers, traders, retailers and distributors, restaurants and caterers.

Upcoming Events

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Business Insights


  • Olivier Bendel - Déliciae Hospitality Management
  • Christophe CAZAUX-MALEVILLE - The Vintage Wine Club 

Contact: Coralie Vincens


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