Financial & Fintech

Mission & Objectives

The Financial & FinTech Committee is a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing between companies involved in the financial sector.

This committee allows members to discuss with other professionals to reinforce, on a regular basis, their expertise on financial topics, tools, new technologies and trends through knowledge, information sharing and best-practices.

The Financial & FinTech Committee is aimed at CFOs, bankers, financial sector advisors & experts, treasurers and senior representatives of financial, regulatory and academic institutions to discuss topics of interest in the financial world.

Upcoming Events

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  • Cedric Gouliardon - BetterTradeOff 
  • Jean-Pierre Dubois - Credit Agricole - Corporate & Investment Bank
  • Karine Alquier-Caro- legrand
  • Jeremie Carrot - Tanexo

Contact: Agate Wack



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