Supply Chain & Logistics

Mission & Objectives

Singapore offers a fertile ground for businesses seeking to optimize their supply chain operations and expand their logistical footprint across the region.

With its state-of-the-art ports, advanced transportation networks, and a highly skilled workforce, Singapore serves as a regional hub for distribution, warehousing, and freight forwarding activities. The city-state's commitment to innovation and sustainability further enhances its attractiveness as a preferred destination for supply chain investments.

As we navigate the dynamic landscape of supply chain and logistics, our committee is dedicated to fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and business facilitation among our members. Our objectives include:

  • Share information and best practices mong members in supply chain management and logistics, through the collective expertise of our members.
  • Discuss trending topics and provide a platform for members to stay abreast of the latest opportunities and challenges sharing the supply chain and logistics landscape.
  • Facilitate partnerships and foster collaboration among members, creating synergies and unlocking business opportunities within Singapore and across Southeast Asia.

Upcoming Events


  • Ellen HUDREAUX - Schneider Electric
  • Vladimir de MONTMARIN - Danone
  • Matthieu PERE - Safran Electronic & Defence

Contact: Emily JIANG


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