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Demystifying Mental Health

Baker McKenzie Wong and Leow, 8 Marina Boulevard #05-01 Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1
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Join us for an honest conversation around Mental Health and how companies can lead the way to create a safe and more loyal workplace

Mental Health issues including stress and anxiety have long been a rampant societal concern yet have also been largely unacknowledged by workplaces and even individuals who have found it difficult to receive the support needed.

The global pandemic and the subsequent multiple lockdowns and self-isolations have led to an even sharper rise in mental health issues and forced many companies to recognise that action is necessary in order to retain and attract the best and brightest talent. Some of these firms have started to implement individual support for those requiring it and advancing discussions on the real work-life balance concept post-covid with permanent flexible working hours and more wellness programs being implemented.

Experts have welcomed the efforts put in by some of these companies, whilst recognizing that there is still a lot of work to be done to change people’s mindset and erase some of the stigmas around mental health, particularly present in Asia.

How are firms able to support their employees and what is required to create a “mental-health friendly society”?

Kindly hosted by Baker McKenzie Wong & Leow, our three mental health speakers will seek to provide background and building blocks to achieve these objectives in our discussion titled “Demystifying Mental Health” held on Friday 23rd April . 



Anne-Claire Stona

Dr Anne-Claire Stona is a public health medical doctor with extensive experience in mental health and digital health at different levels and in different contexts (policy-making, research...).

She is passionate about mental health and advocates for the implementation of innovative, cost-effective and evidence-based interventions to prevent mental health issues and also to promote positive mental health for all, in all settings (workplaces, schools, families...).

Guillaume Pollet

Dr A. Guillaume POLLET is a regional medical consultant for International SOS, based in Singapore. He has been in direct contact with international global and regional companies, board members, employees, crisis management teams since the early beginning of the Pandemic. He is a former oncologic and reconstructive surgeon who has dedicated his practice to take care of the patients as a whole and not as ‘cancer patients’, emphasizing the need of mental well-being in the therapeutic approach. He brought this vision in the completion of his recent Global Executive MBA at INSEAD in Singapore.

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