French-ANZ Business Days


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More than ever before, Australia’s long-term prosperity is linked to the performance of its cities. This trend is not unique to Australia, many countries around the world are also rapidly urbanising, and taking advantage of socio-economic opportunities that growing cities can bring.

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Infrastructure & Industrial Projects

  • From city to social economic hub: how infrastructure delivers future growth

  • Unlocking the value of smart utilities management in the 21st century

  • How the Australian Space Industry could put global cities in orbit?

  • Faire des affaires en Australie, c’est possible avec la Team France [FR]

  • Reinventing commuting in the post COVID era

  • The Opportunities of the Western Sydney Aerotropolis

  • Power to the Satellite cities: joining the dots with a robust Energy Grid

  • Hub Precinct strategy: How to repurpose public spaces and services?

  • How the submarine contract transformed our cities in Australia?

  • Circular economy: The next revolution for sustainable cities and communities

  • How can transport be sustainable?

  • Cities and climate change: The great decarbonisation challenge

  • How can transport be sustainable?

  • ​Our cities and the great decarbonisation challenge

  • Why tomorrow's smart city must be green and inspired by nature

Retail-&-Hospitality-gradient-green.png    Retail & Hospitality

  • Retail: the true lifeblood of vibrant cities

  • The retail road to recovery: when omnichannel and supply chains converge

  • Destination Marketing: Re-enchanting the city travel experience

  • Future of restaurants in a post COVID society

  • Future of adversiting in our cities

leaf-dragient-green.png   Health, Education, Jobs & diversity

  • Designing more inclusive and diverse cities for a modern citizenship

  • Workplace and remote work: what future for our CBDs?

culture-entertainment-tickets-gradient-g   Culture & Entertainment

  • Art and Culture, the unspoken success factors for livable cities

    • Are cities ready for international events?



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