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Green Hydrogen – Resurging to be the next wave of energy disruption

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Is Hydrogen another greenwash or will it really save the day?

Whether you are working in the Power, Utilities,  Building or Mobility sectors, Hydrogen is an energy vector that has the potential to transform your industry.

Indeed, for 50 years hydrogen has been championed as a clean-burning fuel that could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, amid the current hydrogen hype, there is little discussion about when the technology can realistically become commercially viable, or the best ways it can be used to cut emissions.

So, is Hydrogen another greenwash or will it really save the day?


In this webinar, Umang GOYAL, Managing Partner of IAC Partner Singapore and Maxime CASSAT, Managing Director, EDF Lab Singapore will co-present their respective thought leadership on Green Hydrogen, covering:

  • The current and future demand of Hydrogen per application;
  • The Hydrogen-related investments by country;
  • An overview of the H2 technologies maturity,
  • The current and future value chain;
  • The cost analysis of each activity of the value chain – from production to distribution;
  • The main challenges to overcome;

IAC Partners, being an integral part of the Hydrogen ecosystem, is collaborating with global players across Aerospace, Energy and Industrial Equipment sectors on strategic positioning studies and roadmap design. They will present their research on recent technological development and market/sector growth and their perspective on future roadmap for green Hydrogen.

EDF is active in South-East Asia with its headquarters and R&D Lab located in Singapore. As a worldwide utility fully committed in the transition to net-zero economies, EDF has the ambition to be a leader in engineering and turn-key solutions to supply low-carbon and green hydrogen to its industrial customers, through its new subsidiary Hynamics.



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