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How to overcome with maritime and air transport's challenges?

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Wednesday 27 January 2021 - 11:30 Am

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The year 2020 brings historic logistical and transportation challenges. Join us to this online event and ask your questions.


The year 2020 brings historic logistical and transportation challenges: container shortages, stopover cancellations, short-notice overloads in sea freight and an overall increase in freight rates, then a saturated rail silk road, reduced air freight capacity, all this is coupled with the recurring problems of the high season with the end of year festivities.

Almost a year after the emergence of the pandemic, we are experiencing a disruption in the transport market. How can this situation be explained? How to deal with these disruptions?

To answer these questions, Loïc Benattar, Vice President Asia-Pacific of the Bansard International Group, will share his experience with us via videoconference and answer your questions.

Target Audience :

- Supply Chain Managers

- Logistics Managers and Planners

- Members interested in understanding air and sea freight costs and trends

About the Speaker

Loïc Benattar, Vice-President, Asia-Pacific at Bansard International, Board Member of the Group

Loïc Benattar is graduated from Essec Business school (Paris) and from Sorbonne University. He deepened his knowledge on Asian markets by attending MBA classes from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). He completed his Academic background by studying Psychology for three years in Paris.

He started his career as a Strategy Consultant and PMO manager, right before he took over the Asian activities of Bansard International in China then in Asia.

Based in Shanghai and now in Hong Kong, he is managing 23 offices and over 300 people in Asia spread over 10 countries. In addition of the supervision of Bansard International Asia he is also in charge of the development of the Group in the Indian Subcontinent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh), Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar & Singapore) as well as Australia. He is driving his teams under a tailor-made solution-providing and cost-effective approach. In these critical times for the supply chain industry, creativity, anticipation and out of the box thinking have been necessary to outcome the challenges of the global logistics.


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