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Industry Webinar: Relevance of a Legacy Brand: The Bernardaud Story

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Join us on our upcoming webinar to learn more about the relevance of a legacy brand in our modern days


"Established in 18XX" or "Depuis 18XX" just below a logo is often used to proclaim a brand's rich heritage, and meant to connotate quality. With the current business environment being drastically different from when these legacy brands were founded, today's macro-environment being so uncertain and the rate of change of customer preferences and purchasing behaviors rapidly evolving, how do legacy brands transform themselves and even thrive? Join us in conversation with Corinne Oats, Commerical Director and Global Sales Director of Bernardaud, a porcelain production house founded in 1863 and currently under its sixth generation of family ownership and management, as we dive deep into these topics.

For those curious about the history of porcelain-making and its production methods, do watch this short video



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