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Webinar: Corporate Ventures and ENGIE Factory's Founder Programme


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Want to make an impact on the planet? Join us and launch the next cleantech unicorn!


ENGIE Factory Asia-Pacific is launching new ventures that advance the zero emissions future. Join us as a founder and get the funding and support to start your entrepreneurial journey!

We’ll be having conversations with the ENGIE Factory team and startup founders about:

+ Why building a startup with a corporate partner can give you an edge
+ What we look for in founders
+ Application & admissions process
+ What the program looks like in detail



At ENGIE Factory, we believe that we share a responsibility to accelerate the transition to a zero carbon society. Driven to deliver real impact, we invest in individuals to build startups with the potential to solve global challenges in energy efficiency, electric vehicles, renewable energy and rural communities.

ENGIE Factory startup founders benefit from a dedicated team and process to help validate venture ideas, seed investment, and the ongoing mentorship and network of the global ENGIE Group.



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