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South-East Asia is a world heavy weight with bright growth perspectives despite current crisis.


South-East Asia is a world heavy weight (3rd population pool with 650 M inhab. and 5th eco-block with 7%-8% world trade), with bright growth perspectives despite current crisis.

Underlying trends feeding these perspectives, notably in health tech, as Healthcare has become a top priority for Governments in ASEAN:

  • Emerging and growing middle class (eager to consume and a prone to well-being)
  • Young, urban, tech savvy population
  • Running urban development and infrastructures (how to adapt health facilities to the growing population and to the Elderly?)
  • New consumption trends: occidentalization, live longer and healthier, hyperconnectivity…
  • Heterogeneous region: persistent gaps and health challenges among countries (access to health and quality of care)
  • Technologies more and more intrusive in the Healthcare ecosystems

Great challenges to overcome:

  • Improve the health status and the health coverage of the ASEAN population
  • Contain the explosion of Healthcare costs caused by numerous factors: construction of health infrastructures, high consumption of medicine, aging population, chronic / infectious diseases, inefficient supply chains...
  • Transform and develop healthcare ecosystems driven by unprecedented access to Big Data and latest technologies
  • Explore innovative solutions to improve patient care and develop homecare
  • Increase and train more healthcare professionals
  • Engage and empower patients and healthcare consumers as the industry heads personalized medicine and care

Singapore is today considered the most innovative economy in South-East Asia. It also has one of the best healthcare systems in the world (6th in the WHO world ranking) and is often presented as a reference. Singapore, regional hub, is a fertile ground for innovative solutions as well as R&D, notably in the health sector.

Singapore’s healthcare system is faced with multiple challenges: a growing prevalence of chronic diseases, a rapidly ageing population, rising Healthcare spending and a shortage of manpower in the healthcare sector.


  • Mr. Guanyou Chen, Regional Director Europe, EDB 

Guanyou Chen is based in London and oversees the Healthcare and Lifesciences industry in Europe. This entails working with Healthcare companies across multiple geographies, including Sanofi (France), GSK, Smith + Nephew (UK) and Menarini (Italy). Besides the Healthcare and Lifesciences industry, Guanyou also manages the Consumer and Professional Services sectors.

  • Mrs. Emilie Philippe, APAC Managing Director, Webdrone

Emilie Philippe worked 15 years in the Bank Industry for Legal, Risks and Compliance roles in different places (Paris, Guadeloupe, Marseille, Singapore). She was the Head of Investigations for BNP Paribas, then she moved to Singapore in 2013 and supported the local team to implement the new framework for Anti-Money Laundering and Fighting terrorism. In 2016, she moved to UBS to implement the MAS remediation plan for the AML part, she likes challenges and works closely with IT and project teams. 

Based on her interest in Tech, Emilie joined Webdrone at the end 2018 to set up their Asian Hub. Webdrone is the leader in cybercrime investigation software and services with 2 awards won in 2018 (Global awards anti-counterfeiting + Security Trophy of Brands & Products protection). 

Founded in 2011 by a team of cybercrime and economic intelligence experts formerly from the French police, the company is based in France, with an office in Singapore. Webdrone technology has been successfully used to solve critical cases in many different domains such as counterfeiting, frauds, the roots of an event, compliance checks… Currently, more than 80 clients including governments and top brands around the world use Webdrone to expose and fight online risks.

In addition, Emilie is co-founder of the French-Tech Cyber & Security in Singapore to build a community opened to all cyber & security experts (not only French). 

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