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WEBINAR - Transforming Work using Artificial Intelligence: A practical guide

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AI-driven automation is projected to massively transform the way work is done, disrupting 1 out of 3 Financial Sector jobs in Singapore alone.


AI-driven automation is projected to massively transform the way work is done, disrupting 1 out of 3 Financial Sector jobs in Singapore alone. But it’s not just a future concept – learn more about Intelligent Automation use cases that leading organizations are currently embracing to shape the way work is done in their organizations. In this event, we will define Intelligent Automation and its guardrails as well as share practical examples, advice, experiences and a demonstration of AI in action.

For attendees that are interested to bring their own laptop, together we will go through a 15-minute exercise to create and train your own AI Machine Learning model to automate Invoice Processing, Income Verification or Account Opening without the need for data scientists and eliminating the #1 bottleneck for automation: the cost and difficulty of training and coding.

We will discuss how machine intelligence can complement human intelligence. While humans are creative and imaginative, AI & robots are better suited to tasks that humans find difficult and dislike. Machine intelligence works with humans to amplify our innate intelligence. Helped by robots, we can be relieved of the repetitive and exhaustive, and be free to predict and derive the analytical and strategic. With these technologies, organisations can transform business processes – not only achieving higher speed and precision, but also automating predictions and decisions on the basis of structured and unstructured inputs.


About the speaker

Ronen Lamdan leads WorkFusion, the leader in AI-powered Automation, in Asia/Pacific. In addition, Ronen is a thought leader in cognitive automation, artificial intelligence and process optimization across industries. He has extensive cross-industry experience in IoT, big data, analytics, machine learning and complex systems integration helping clients drive increasing value out of data through greater understanding. Ronen has worked closely with clients across Asia Pacific to help them transform their operations to drive enhanced outcomes leveraging emerging cognitive automation and robotic process automation capabilities.

Prior to WorkFusion, Ronen was with Microsoft where he worked with major banking, real estate, insurance, telco, oil & gas and mining companies across Asia accelerating customer digital transformation by leveraging Microsoft’s engineering expertise and cutting edge technologies to deliver valuable customer solutions such as Smart Buildings, Artificial Intelligence, Chat Bots, Analytics, Workplace Transformation, IoT and Cloud. In previous roles, Ronen held a number of senior appointments as head of NetSuite in Asia, Channel lead at IBM and senior roles at Mercury.


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