The Event

The French Chamber of Commerce supports the efforts of International Coastal Clean-Up Singapore (ICCS) for the third year, by leading a Big Beach Clean-Up action on Friday 7th of September 2019 - in the early morning, when the tide is out and the air is still cool.

Away from our eyes and the nice public beaches of Singapore, the marine and coastal wildlife of this small island is suffocating under tons of trash brought in every day by the tides. The ICCS volunteering programme aims to remove trash and collect data on debris from shorelines, waterways and beaches. The work of thousands of volunteers helps to protect coastal mangroves and wildlife. The information collected serves to educate the public on marine debris issues and to encourage positive change. We invite you to do your part in helping to save the marine and coastal wildlife of Singapore, and to champion environmental awareness locally. By volunteering your company, you demonstrare a shared sense of camaderie as responsible citizens in our host country. French companies are often cited as example for their Sustainability and CSR awareness and actions.

Because together we are stronger, let’s team up and work toward a good cause, and make a big impact on our environment, while meeting peers who share the same concerns.

Let's do more every year!

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